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Cleaning Kit

Improperly cleaning a riflescope can permanently damage lenses and lens coatings. Plus, a properly cleaned scope will give you maximum optical performance and clarity.

The 12-piece Nightforce Cleaning Kit comes packed in a handy carrying case. It includes everything you need plus instructions for proper care and cleaning of fine optics.
Highly recommended to protect your investment and to keep your riflescope performing at its best.

Part # Description
A130 Optical Cleaning Kit
A431 Nightforce Professional Cleaning Kit
A133 Fob Lens Cloth

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The majority of accuracy problems we encounter are caused not by the scope, but by poor scope mounts and/or improper mounting techniques.

The 10-piece Nightforce Tool Kit includes high-quality torque limiters, bits and drive tools to allow adjustment of mounting screws and components to recommended torque settings. Having the correct torque values ensures your scope will stay in place during use, and prevents over-tightening which can damage scopes and affect accuracy.

These precision tools come in a zippered storage case that fits nicely inside a range bag.

Part # Description
A432 Nightforce Tool Kit
A179 Torque Wrench - 68 Inch/Lb

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Padded Scope Cover

While your Nightforce scope can certainly handle the elements, these padded scope covers keep your scope dry and dust free. These will also keep water out of your action and provide a handle to comfortably carry your rifle. Offered in two lengths, 15" and 19", and a variety of color options, the Nightforce padded scope covers are designed to fit a wide variety of scopes and firearm types. To determine fitment with your Nightforce scope, please see the chart below.

Part # Description
A440 Padded Scope Cover - 19" - Coyote Brown
A441 Padded Scope Cover - 19" - OD Green
A442 Padded Scope Cover - 19" - Black
A443 Padded Scope Cover - 19" - Multicam
A444 Padded Scope Cover - 15" - Coyote Brown
A445 Padded Scope Cover - 15" - OD Green
A446 Padded Scope Cover - 15" -Black
A447 Padded Scope Cover - 15" -Multicam

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Nightforce Clamp-On PTL™

Our Power Throw Lever fits Nightforce NXS™ full size and non-enhanced Compact models, plus legacy ATACR™ and SHV™ riflescopes. It allows instant magnification changes, even while wearing gloves. Easily removed.

Part # Description
A287 Clamp-on Power Throw Lever (Non Enhanced Compacts)
A288 Clamp-on Power Throw Lever (NXS 15x - 22x - 32x - 42x)
A289 Clamp-on Power Throw Lever (ATACR(SFP) - SHV 14x - 20x)SHV10x - Illuminated only

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Flip-Up Lens Caps

Protects your riflescope lenses from damage and weather, without interfering with quick shots.

Part # Description Models
A468 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps - 56mm ATACR - BEAST - NXS - SHV
A474 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps - 50mm NXS - SHV
A471 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps - 50mm ATACR
A470 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps - 42mm ATACR - NXS 10x
A475 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps ATACR 8x
A538 Objective Flip-Up Lens Caps NX8 8x
A467 Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Caps ATACR/BEAST 25x F1 - ATACR 8x F1
A469 Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Caps ATACR 16x F1
A472 Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Caps ATACR 25X F2 - ATACR 35X F1
A473 Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Caps NXS 15x - 22x - 32x - 42x - SHV 10x - 14x - 20x
A539 Eyepiece Flip-Up Lens Caps NX8 8x - NXS 4x-10x

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Lens Caps and Sunshades

Sunshades reduce glare, while lens covers provide maximum protection while transporting your rifle and riflescope.

Part # Description
A127 Metal lens caps for Benchrest/NF models (set)
A260 Metal lens caps for COMPETITION models - Black (set)
A200 Rubber lens caps - NXS 24mm (set)
A259 Rubber lens caps - NXS 32mm (set)
A285 Rubber lens caps - NXS 42mm (set)
A201 Rubber lens covers - NXS 50mm (set)
A202 Rubber lens covers - NXS 56mm (set)
V623 3" Sunshade - 56mm (Benchrest/NF)
V171 3" Sunshade - 50mm (NXS)
S596A 3" Sunshade - 50mm (ATACR 4-16x50 - both versions)
V310 3" Sunshade - 56mm (NXS - ATACR - BEAST - SHV)
V960 3" Sunshade - 52mm (COMPETITION)
S454A 2" Sunshade - 42mm (ATACR 4-16x42mm - NXS 2.5-10x42mm)

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