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IHR™ Reticle - Illuminated

IHR™ stands for International Hunting Reticle (some would say Improved Hunting Reticle), with good reason. Most “hunting” reticles on the market are designed to work at either long ranges or short distances—but not both—limiting their applications and putting the big game hunter at a disadvantage. For the pursuer of dangerous game, a reticle that will not perform quickly at close ranges can have serious ramifications.

The IHR™ is ideal for dangerous game at close quarters. Substantial posts at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions provide lightningfast target acquisition, and its simple design provides a full, uncluttered view of charging or running game.

Conversely, when a smaller target presents itself at a substantial distance, the floating center crosshair provides a precise aim point, while still providing holdoff reference if needed. Adjustable illumination aids in accurate shot placement under adverse lighting conditions.

Armed with an IHR™, the hunter will be equally comfortable in the thick bush of Africa, the vast plains of the American heartland, and the rugged mountains of Asia. It is International in application and performance both.

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