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NXS 2.5-10x24 - Limited Release - 2015

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The original member of the Nightforce NXS riflescope family is making a limited debut for 2015.

2015 Utah Mule Deer Hunt - by Robby Benedict

Created by Robby Benedict |   |  Riflescope |  nxsTS-80riflescopelong range

My 2015 Mule Deer hunt started on October 29th as I rolled into camp on the Ensign Ranch in Northern Utah. I was joined by Garrett Wall from Gunwerks, who was set and ready to film an episode for a 2016 airing of Long Range Pursuit.

The longest 286-yard shot ever

Created by Tom Bulloch |   |  Riflescope |  riflescope

One of the great ironies of hunting is that it often seems the harder we try, the less success we have. Glassing the broad, green farmland at first light had revealed only does and a few small bucks. Ordinary mule deer were not what had brought me to…