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Nightforce Tech Tip: Dialing or Holding for Bullet Drop

  |  Tech Tips |  riflescopeturrets

In this Nightforce Tech Tip, we will introduce two methods for adjusting for bullet drop at distance; dialing and holding.  

Beyond the Glass

Created by Tom Bulloch |   |  History |  long rangeriflescope

You can’t easily see the difference between a $500 riflescope and a $2500 model. But ultimately, you’ll realize the difference.

Knowledge is King - Applied Ballistics Seminar

Created by Mitchell Fitzpatrick - Applied Ballistics |   |  Tech Tips |  riflescopelong range

The folks at Applied Ballistics recently shared with us a summary of their educational seminar series.   To some, there is a (pardon the pun) "magic bullet" in long range shooting.  Perhaps it's the latest bullet design, tweaking their brass prep ritual,…