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The FC-DMx reticle is an evolution of the FC-DM reticle. Nightforce has maintained the daylight bright illumination that allows for use in any conditions at 1x or high magnification. The FC-DMx segmented circle has been increased in diameter from 2MRAD to 4MRAD and made thinner to maintain the same illuminated area. This open center area allows the user a clear view of the target to make fast, unobstructed shoot/no-shoot decisions. The 0.2MRAD (0.7MOA) center dot provides a precise aiming point when at high magnification. A 1MRAD resolution aiming grid allows for simultaneous holds (elevation and wind) to 10MRAD of elevation. The line labels are placed on both the left and right for fast acquisition and are located to the outside for a clear view of the target within the grid. The unobstructed view of the target, daylight visible illumination, and intuitive labeling of the FC-DMx provide the user with increased capability for both close and far targets.

Unique features

  • Daylight bright first focal plane reticle for low power variable optic (LPVO)
  • Large segmented circle for an unobstructed target view
  • 0.2MRAD (0.7MOA) center dot provides a precise aiming point
  • 10MRAD grid allows simultaneous elevation and wind holds

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