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A floating, center-dot aiming point and alternating reticle pattern provide the modern long-range hunter and shooter a fast and precise shooting experience. Both reticles feature a precise 0.2 MOA floating center-dot for aiming and an alternating reticle pattern where odd values are represented by up/left marks and even values are represented by down/right marks. Combined with major labels every 5-MOA, this reticle allows for fast and intuitive holds. The MOAR-CF2D, available only in the 4-32x50 F2, is marked with a dual reticle scale for correct subtensions at 16x and 32x. The power change ring of the scope is marked with a small, calibrated dot that corresponds to the 16x reticle scale. This allows the user to choose between maximum detail or a larger field of view without sacrificing the ability to hold for wind or elevation.

Unique features

  • Floating center-dot for precise aiming point
  • Fast and intuitive alternating 1 MOA subtensions
  • Dual scale subtensions for use at 32x and 16x

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