Individual Discount Program

Nightforce Optics is proud to be of service and offer discounted direct sales to active and former personnel of the U.S. Military to include Reserves and National Guard as well as our nation’s currently serving Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and EMS.


Currently Serving

For status verification, you must send the request from your official agency or military email address. This email will serve as your approved credential.
Please Note: Do not send a copy of your government issued ID in any form as this is not necessary nor an acceptable form of identification.


For status verification, please include a full color scan or photo of at least one valid form of identification, from the list below, along with your request.

  • VA Health ID Cards
  • State Issued ID Cards/Drivers Licenses with Veteran Status (49 of 50 states currently offer this)
  • State or County Issued Veteran ID Cards
  • Service Organization ID Cards from the VFW or American Legion

Please Note: We do not accept photocopies of DD-214’s due to information liability purposes and kindly ask that you do not submit them.

For information or to place an order

  1. Email
  2. Include “Individual Purchase Request” in the subject line
  3. If you prefer future correspondence via a personal email account, please enter your personal email address in the “CC” line.
  4. Include at least one valid form of identification (retired/veteran only)
  5. Please provide a brief description of the products you are interested and your rifle system(s) to assist with optics and mounting solution selection if applicable.

Contact Information

Nightforce Optics, Inc.
Attention MIL-GOV-LE
336 Hazen Lane
Orofino, ID 83544
Office: 706.460.5515
Fax: 208.476.9817

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