Daylight Visible Reticle Illumination

Available in the ATACR and NX8 1-8 scopes, Nightforce’s daylight visible reticles set the standard for illumination brightness in a First Focal Plane (F1), Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO).  F1 LPVO optics require daylight visible illumination to allow for fast shooting at 1x magnification in outdoor conditions. If the illumination is not daylight visible, the reticle is difficult to find and leads to slow target engagement.  The Nightforce daylight visible reticle illumination is controlled by a rotary dial and includes 10 daytime brightness settings with an off position between each for a single click return to your preferred brightness. In addition to 10 daytime brightness settings, the ATACR 1-8 also features two night vision settings for low-light/no-light shooting.

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