When shooting at extreme ranges, many shooters find their riflescope lacks the necessary elevation travel. The Nightforce Wedge Prism is offered in 2 variants, 50 MOA or 100 MOA, that install forward of the riflescope to increase the effective elevation travel. The Wedge Prism optically shifts the incoming image to the riflescope by a precise elevation value, which directly adds to the available elevation travel within the riflescope.

The finest riflescope in the world is only as good as its mounts. Using inferior mounts can cause stress and alignment problems that are extremely difficult to diagnose. Large-caliber rifles producing heavy recoil can also wreak havoc on poor-quality mounts.

An ideal combination of durability and value. Straightforward two-screw design simplifes installation and requires less front-to-back space, for applications where installation choices are limited. The positive locking jaw design and machined recoil lug provide perfect alignment for superior accuracy when mounted to Mil. Std. 1913 bases. Ordered in
four heights for 30mm diameter tubes. An excellent mounting solution when partnered with a Standard Duty or X-Treme Duty™ base.

Nightforce Standard Duty bases are a quality, affordable solution for ensuring that your scope is firmly mounted to your rifle. These aluminum bases are machined to Mil. Std. 1913 rail specifications and hard anodized.

Top Half Ring Accessories for our 30mm and 34mm Unimount™, Direct Mount™, Magmount™ and Ultralite™ rings and our 30mm steel rings.

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