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If there is such a thing as a “professional” riflescope, it is an ATACR™. They are designed for military, law enforcement, and other tactical professionals…and for those who simply want to shoot like a professional. An ATACR™ riflescope is the combination of the finest materials, engineering expertise, mechanical reliability and optical performance available today. Simply put, there is no expense spared, no detail overlooked in building a Nightforce ATACR™.


It was a beast to engineer. It was a beast to build. Which earned it the name which stands for “Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology.” It lives up to that name, with capabilities far beyond any ordinary optic. Its unique i4F™ elevation controls include a 360° brake, preventing unintended adjustments. With a single throw, the M2™ Precision Elevation Lever provides additional fine elevation adjustments of .250 MOA or .1 Mil-Radian for enhanced precision at extreme ranges. XtremeSpeed™ adjustments allow 120 MOA/35 Mil-Radian of elevation travel, half of that covered in a single rotation. And ZeroStop® technology ensures you will never have to hunt for your original zero setting.


Our newest family, NX8 riflescopes have evolved from our classic NXS series – scopes proven over two decades in the hands of the U.S. Military, hunters and competitive shooters under the most demanding conditions on Earth. NX8 riflescopes build upon this hard-earned reputation with new technology and a remarkable 8x zoom range, razor-sharp at every setting, a challenge that was vexed optical designers for years. Consider that problem solved.


SHV™ riflescopes are designed for maximum versatility across a wide range of shooting disciplines; whether you enjoy target shooting, pursuing big game, varmint shooting, or all of the above. Shooters on a budget can now enjoy Nightforce quality at a reasonable cost. In fact, you will find that SHV™ riflescopes outperform many brands that cost much more. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, they say “Nightforce” on the side.


NXS™ riflescopes are built to standards that exceed virtually any other riflescope on the market. Each must pass a battery of tests—including side and front impact—that would destroy an ordinary optic. Only the highest quality, most durable components are used in NXS™ riflescopes, assuring a lifetime of repeatable precision. NXS™ lenses are painstakingly bedded with our proprietary Mil-Spec formulation, reducing any glass-to-metal contact that can result in breakages, stress, misalignment, and thermal shock. It’s how legends are built.


As long-range competitions add ever-more demanding events, we identified the need for a new class of riflescopes capable of maximum precision at extreme ranges, plus optics tailored for highly specific events. Thus was born our Competition™ family. Competition™ riflescopes are purpose-built for the competitive shooter. They are not double-duty or modified optics with a fancy name applied. They are carefully matched with our own unique reticles, developed over decades of experience and with input from record-setting shooters, created specifically to complement the extraordinary ability of these riflescopes.


Since our founding in 1992, Nightforce riflescopes have won more matches and set more records in long-range competition than any other brand. You’re looking at the reasons why. Our Precision Benchrest series is still going strong, proven over a quarter of a century of reliability.