DigIllum™ digital reticle illumination technology is available in select Nightforce riflescopes. As Nightforce’s premier illumination system, Digillum increases convenience and functionality in a single button control. Choose the appropriate illumination setting for your lighting conditions—either red or green, in five intensities from very dim to extremely bright. The illumination will turn off automatically after 1 hour or can be manually turned off to extend battery life. When illumination is turned back on, it defaults to your previously chosen setting, ensuring your night vision will not be adversely affected and that you’re instantly ready for a shot.  Finally, Digillum is built into the side focus control, adding no additional width or extra knobs to the scope.

Daylight Visible Reticle Illumination

Available in the ATACR and NX8 1-8 scopes, Nightforce’s daylight visible reticles set the standard for illumination brightness in a First Focal Plane (F1), Low Power Variable Optic (LPVO).  F1 LPVO optics require daylight visible illumination to allow for fast shooting at 1x magnification in outdoor conditions. If the illumination is not daylight visible, the reticle is difficult to find and leads to slow target engagement.  The Nightforce daylight visible reticle illumination is controlled by a rotary dial and includes 10 daytime brightness settings with an off position between each for a single click return to your preferred brightness. In addition to 10 daytime brightness settings, the ATACR 1-8 also features two night vision settings for low-light/no-light shooting.

Analog Illumination

Nightforce’s analog illumination system powers adjustable brightness, red illuminated reticles in most SHV, NXS, and Benchrest riflescopes.  SHV and Benchrest riflescopes use a rotary dial to turn on and adjust the brightness. NXS riflescopes with analog illumination are turned on by pulling the illumination control knob out and brightness is adjusted using a small screwdriver.  The Nightforce analog system is a simple, reliable, and effective way to increase your ability to shoot in all lighting conditions and environments.

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