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Leveraging the highly regarded MIL-XT™ reticle, the MIL-XTs™ has been optimized for spotting scope use.

As a variable power, first focal plane reticle, the MIL-XTs™ has features tailored for use at both low and high magnification settings. This provides the versatility required by today’s precision rifle shooters and spotters.

At low magnification, the 50 Mil-Radian “goal posts” to the left and right of center provide coarse Mil-Radian adjustments, facilitating clear shooter/spotter communication.

At high magnification, the inverted grid of the reticle is offset to maintain a clear view of bullet trace, while providing fine subtensions for precise corrections. Additionally, a section of 0.1 Mil-Radian subtensions is included at the base of the grid for accurate range estimation.

A0.2 mil
BØ 0.05 mil
CØ 0.1 mil
DØ 0.5 mil
E0.2 mil
F0.33 mil
G0.5 mil
H0.4 mil
I0.2 mil
J1.0 mil
K1.0 mil
L0.5 mil
M0.5 mil
N0.1 mil
O0.4 mil
P0.1 mil
QØ 0.05

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