It’s an old problem. Make a radical adjustment to your scope’s elevation settings and returning to your zero setting can be almost impossible. Other manufacturers have tried various means to solve this problem, with less than satisfactory results. The Nightforce ZeroStop™ is the solution. A solution so good, so simple and so effective, it is patented.

After sighting in your rifle, simply set the ZeroStop™, and you create a positive mechanical stopping point at your chosen zero point. Then, no matter how many elevation adjustments you make, turning the elevation knob down to the ZeroStop™ setting returns you to your original zero, completely by feel—even in total darkness or while wearing gloves. No counting clicks, no need for visual reference, no wasted effort. Just an instant return to zero. Every time.

ZeroStop™ is standard on ATACR models, The B.E.A.S.T., Competition, and most NXS models. ZeroStop is optional on 1-4, 2.5-10×32. Available in .250 MOA and .1 Mil-Radian adjustments. Watch the video above for instruction on setting your ZeroStop™


ZeroHold™ is a low-profile mechanism utilized on several Nightforce riflescopes. It has a number of functions, primarily holding the elevation adjustment at zero until the ZeroHold™ button is depressed. It allows an instant return to zero after making elevation adjustments and also lets the shooter dial below zero.


ZeroSet™ technology was created specifically for our SHV™ 5-20 x 56 and 4-14 x 50 F1 riflescopes. It provides a quick and efficient means of returning to your zero setting, even after you’ve made several elevation adjustments. You will never have to “hunt” for your zero.

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