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Beyond the Glass

At most of the annual hunting and shooting shows attended by high-end manufacturers exhibiting their wares, there is a phenomenon known as “the whistler.” This

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2015 Utah Mule Deer Hunt

My 2015 Mule Deer hunt started on October 29th as I rolled into camp on the Ensign Ranch in Northern Utah. I was joined by Garrett Wall from Gunwerks, who was set and ready to film an episode for a 2016 airing of Long Range Pursuit.

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Knowledge is King – Applied Ballistics Seminar

The folks at Applied Ballistics recently shared with us a summary of their educational seminar series. To some, there is a (pardon the pun) “magic bullet” in long range shooting. Perhaps it’s the latest bullet design, tweaking their brass prep ritual, or obtaining the latest piece of kit.

Yes, these will most likely provide a benefit to the average shooter. However, developing a solid understanding of the fundametals of ballistics, and knowing which pieces of information are the most critical for your particular shooting application should be a key component in any long range shooting system.

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