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Nightforce Tech Tip: Dialing or Holding for Bullet Drop

In this Nightforce Tech Tip, we will introduce two methods for adjusting for bullet drop at distance; dialing and holding.

When shooting at distance, the shooter must compensate for bullet drop. There are two common methods to do so using most modern riflescopes and either one can work equally well when it comes to adjusting for the effects of gravity on bullet trajectory. Each one is performed using different methods, and may also have unique advantages in certain shooting situations.

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Beyond the Glass

At most of the annual hunting and shooting shows attended by high-end manufacturers exhibiting their wares, there is a phenomenon known as “the whistler.” This

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2015 Utah Mule Deer Hunt

My 2015 Mule Deer hunt started on October 29th as I rolled into camp on the Ensign Ranch in Northern Utah. I was joined by Garrett Wall from Gunwerks, who was set and ready to film an episode for a 2016 airing of Long Range Pursuit.

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