Knowledge is King – Applied Ballistics Seminar

In the modern age of long range shooting, long range marksmen have more information and technology available to them than ever before. Advancements in all areas of the shooting industry have brought obtaining exceptional performance at long range into reach of nearly anyone interested, thus allowing even the most experienced marksmen to extend their ranges. With all of this information being generated, getting it into the hands of shooters to expand their capabilities has become the goal. Bryan Litz started Applied Ballistics LLC when he recognized that there was a lack of information available to shooters, and that much of the information that was available was flawed or inaccurate. This led to the testing of ballistic coefficients and other ballistic characteristics that Applied Ballistics is now known for by using precise, accurate equipment while following the scientific method to obtain precise and useable data.

Since then, Applied Ballistics has been publishing this data in books and other forms of media to get this information into the hands of shooters in an easy to understand manner while still thoroughly discussing topics and presenting data. This has been very effective at helping shooters increase their range and hit probability, pushing the sport of long range shooting farther than ever before. However, we receive many questions on a daily basis about topics that are covered in, and also questions that go above and beyond, the material presented in our books.

In an effort to further the education of shooters interested in long range shooting, regardless of their experience level, Applied Ballistics has started hosting 2 day seminars aimed at getting the information shooters need into their hands. These seminars are heavily content based and follow along with the material found in the Applied Ballistics series of books. This content is presented in person in a relatively informal manner, allowing shooters to join in the discussion and ask questions while material is being presented. Material consists of everything from understanding the difference between accuracy and precision to more advanced ballistic properties such as limit cycle yaw. The goal is to engage shooters to ensure they understand the information they need to be a successful long range marksman. Whether your goal is to excel in competitive long range shooting, increase your effective range for hunting, or tactical/law enforcement applications, understanding the ballistics of your weapon system is the key to success for long range shooting.

In addition to covering material on ballistics, the implementation of this information is a key component of the curriculum as well. The Applied Ballistics Seminar is an excellent opportunity to learn how to operate AB’s computer based software as well as other devices with integrated AB software such as the Kestrel weather meters. Guest speakers from across the shooting industry are brought in to present information and give shooters the opportunity to engage them with questions that pertain to their fields of expertise. All of this combined creates an unequaled learning opportunity where shooters can absorb as much information about long range shooting as they can.

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