Nightforce Optics a Sponsor of U.S. Rifle Team

“After twelve years of sponsoring the U.S. Rifle Team, Nightforce is proud to continue backing F-Class competitive shooting and the U.S. Rifle Team in their endeavor to bring home the gold again at the 2021 World Championships,” said Nightforce Optics Director of Sales and Marketing, Gordon Myers. “As Gold Medal partners, we’re more dedicated than ever to see the team achieve their goals and triumph in South Africa in 2021.”

“Ever since U.S. Rifle Team members collaborated with Nightforce design engineers to create the Competition™ 15-55×52 riflescope, that particular Nightforce optic has reigned as the dominant scope in worldwide F-Class competitions,” said Myers. “We’ve enjoyed a dynamic and constructive relationship with the Team for more than a decade, and look forward to supporting them in their next World Championships bid and beyond.”

“As a fantastic long-term partner, Nightforce continues to give back to the F-Class shooting community through their unprecedented support of our Team,” commented U.S. Rifle Team Captain, Phil Kelley. “Now in our fourth straight F-T/R World Championship cycle, we couldn’t be more appreciative of the past, present, and future support we enjoy from the folks at Nightforce. As competitors, we insist on the absolute best tools for our sport, and we’re delighted to voice that the world-class team, strong brand reputation, and stellar products developed by Nightforce are unsurpassed in every way.”

The U.S. Rifle Team fields three squads consisting of F-T/R, F-Open, and Under 25 shooters. The complete team is comprised of 60 members including competitors, coaches, and support staff for the three individual squads. “Every four years, the Team re-sets, much like with Olympic teams,” said Kelley. “We’ve been winning international competitions with Nightforce atop our rifles since 2009, and as we prepare for the next World Championship run in South Africa in 2021, Nightforce will be at the firing line with us again. The cost of success is significant to each shooter on the team, and it’s only through the support of loyal sponsors like Nightforce that we’ll continue as the best F-Class shooting team in the world,” added Kelley.

“From all of us at Nightforce, it’s an honor to assist America’s elite shooters on the U.S. Rifle Team,” said Myers. “By sponsoring the Team plus many other F-Class matches all over the world, we’re committed to enriching long-range, competitive shooting as a whole.”

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About the U.S. Rifle Team

The three-time, World Champion U.S. Rifle Team is proud to represent the United States and our F-Class competitive shooting. Representing all walks of life, team members are spread across the country. We compete regularly against teams from other nations, and at the 2017 World Championships in Ottawa Canada, close to twenty countries were represented.  

Most team competitions are fired at targets 1,000 yards away with the inner-most scoring ring at five inches in diameter, and the next ring at ten inches. Rifles are custom-made and designed specifically for the sport. All rifles used in the F-T/R Class are chambered in either .308 Winchester or .223 Remington calibers. The rifles must weigh less than 8.25 kilograms and must use either a bipod or a sling as the front support. Competitors generally use handloaded ammunition. Anyone with a .308 or .223 rifle and a bipod can compete and have fun in this sport, and with local matches all over the U.S., anyone interested need only look for an NRA High-Power event, and register as an “F-T/R” competitor.  

In the 1990s, a long-time target rifle competitor from Canada named George Farquharson lobbied the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association to allow competitors to use a bipod and a scope in addition to slings and iron sights for competition. The sport took off in the early 2000s and is now divided into two classes including F-T/R, and F-Open. F-Open allows for many different calibers, heavier rifles, and the use of machine-type bench rests to guide the rifle. Both competition classes shoot only from the prone position.

About Nightforce

As a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium sport optics and related products including riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories, Nightforce builds the most rugged, reliable, and repeatable optics available. We are known for exceptional products, each built with painstaking craftsmanship. Each riflescope is crafted with such fanatical attention to detail it’s expected to hold up to the most punishing conditions and last for generations. The legendary Nightforce quality testing involves impact tests and follow up inspections that ensure the riflescope is ready to perform to customer expectations and more.

Based in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce has established an industry benchmark for the highest performing products. Nightforce optics have accompanied elite soldiers into battle, world champion shooters to the winner’s podium, and helped hunters take the trophy of a lifetime.

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